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Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody is the unbroken documentation of the path products take from the forest to the consumer.

Wood, the world’s only truly renewable resource, has always been used by mankind for a huge variety of purposes. The forests that produce timber need careful management if they are to continue to meet the increasing demands of mankind – who now number nearly seven billion.

Chain of Custody involves rigorous assessment by independent consultants of forest management processes to ensure foresting companies carry out sustainable and environmentally acceptable practices.

How it works:

  • Step1: Timber Products sourced from certified forests.
  • Step 2: Identification and control of critical points where inclusion of uncertified material could occur.
  • Step 3: Labelling of finished goods with unique identification numbers.
  • Step 4: Setting up of accurate processes & documentation of product.
  • Step 5: Chain of Custody records audited for ongoing compliance.

Deeside Timberframe is proactively committed to promoting sustainably managed forests and as such is one of only a few Timber Frame manufacturers in the UK to provide an accredited Chain of Custody.

“We believe future generations benefit when we put responsible purchasing practices into place. Chain of Custody ensures that our actions are as good as our intentions.”

Malcolm Thomson, Operations Director, Deeside Timberframe.

Why is it important?

Every two seconds forest areas the size of football pitches are lost worldwide – illegal logging is one of the main causes.

Protecting, preserving and developing the world’s timber resources is of great environmental importance and is actively supported by no fewer than 149 of the world’s governments. This has led to a dramatic increase in demand for Chain of Custody Certification.

What Chain of Custody Certification covers:

  • All stages of manufacture, transportation, and distribution.
  • Evidence that Timber originates from well-managed forests.
  • Verification that the Timber Frames are not mixed with products from uncertified forests.
  • Verification that claims made on the product labels are true.
  • Confirmation that Chain of Custody Certification holders are socially responsible and environmentally focused.

In recent years pressure has come from all fronts to protect our environment and its sustainability, not least the UK government, which has a very clear strategy on sustainable procurement. Deeside Timberframes is happy and proud to be part of this movement.

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