Benefits of Timberframe

Benefits of Timberframe:

Essentially, this section of our website answers the most important question you might have, namely, why should you choose timber frame, and why from us?

The answer is simple: modern Timber Frame structures are precision-engineered, strong, and durable*. They account for more than 70 percent of new homes in the developed world and are the most popular form of house construction in Scotland, with substantially increasing growth in the product throughout the UK.

Their popularity is due to the huge benefits this type of construction-method offers over traditional brick and block building construction.

Notably, Timber Frame is acknowledged to be the most economical and efficient method of construction. It offers greater quality, an easier build, simplified on-site construction and the ability to offer greater choice and flexibility to the customer.

Additional benefits include:

  • Building frames engineered to the highest levels of quality and accuracy.
  • Construction is not weather dependent and can be carried out any time of year.
  • Predictability and greater control in the construction process.
  • Our products not only meet but also significantly exceed Building Standards.
  • Improved Health & Safety on site.
  • An environmentally friendly construction process.
  • Reduced build cost due to speed, quality and ease of erection.
  • Increased design flexibility makes it easier to meet the precise needs of each customer.
  • High energy efficiency levels resulting in low running costs.
  • Better acoustic insulation qualities than brick and block constructed homes.
  • Structures that perform well against fire and flood.
  • More choice and quality than the main, competing alternatives.
  • High customer satisfaction due to increased customer benefits.
  • And, of course, excellent value for money!

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* Facts and stats courtesy of the UK Timber Frame Association.

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