Why Choose Timber Frame

Efficient & Sustainable

Why Choose Timber Frame

Timber frame construction stands out for its efficiency and sustainability. By utilising offsite manufacturing, the build process is significantly expedited, ensuring precision and reducing errors. This method guarantees perfectly level and square rooms. Moreover, timber, with its low embodied carbon and carbon capture properties, champions eco-friendly construction, making timber frame an ideal choice for environmentally-conscious building.

Performance Assurance

Timber Frame Precision

Timber frame structures employ precision-engineered off-site manufactured panels, which include essential insulation and membranes. Produced under stringent quality controls, these panels are designed for repeatability and performance assurance. The lightweight nature of timber also simplifies foundation requirements, and the reduced reliance on wet trades streamlines construction. In essence, timber frame construction offers a swift, precise, and sustainable building solution.

Why Choose Deeside Timberframe for your Timber Frame Project

Established in 1985, Deeside Timberframe has carved its niche as a trusted partner in the timber frame industry. As one of the UK’s premier timber frame design, manufacture, and installation companies, our reputation is consistently reinforced by accolades from housing associations, construction firms, and both local and national builders.

Our approach is deeply rooted in customising innovative solutions for our clients. Leveraging our profound experience and the expertise of our adept staff, we’re committed to guiding your project seamlessly from inception to completion. Beyond our extensive solutions and our established Code of Practice, we take pride in being among the few in the UK to offer an accredited Chain of Custody. This ensures the sustainable and responsible sourcing of our timber.

Your Timber Frame Partner

What truly distinguishes us is our unparalleled commitment to service and flexibility. At Deeside Timberframe, we view our clients as esteemed partners. We emphasise open dialogue, ensuring the end product resonates with your vision. Every client, regardless of the project’s scale, is guaranteed our unwavering attention and support throughout their construction journey.