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At Deeside Timberframe, we specialise in a range of roofing solutions, from the classic rafter roofs to innovative roof cassette systems. Our commitment is to deliver strength, durability, and precision in every project, ensuring faster and more sustainable construction.

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Traditional Roof Trusses

Our standard roof trusses, forming the majority of our offerings, are meticulously designed to strike the perfect balance between performance and cost-efficiency. Each truss is an engineered, structural framework, comprising top chords, bottom chords, and internal web members, all held together with steel nail plates. Manufactured under stringent factory-controlled conditions, these trusses are delivered to the site as complete structural components, ready for installation.

Roof Cassettes

For those seeking innovative solutions, our roof cassettes, utilising I-Joists and Open Web Joists (OWJ), offer unparalleled spanning capabilities. These systems not only replace traditional roof trusses but also provide the flexibility to design expansive open room spaces without additional supports. Pre-assembled for convenience, these cassettes come insulated and sheathed, ready to be swiftly craned into position on-site. This accelerates construction, minimizes on-site personnel, and reduces exposure to unpredictable weather conditions.

Advanced Roofing Solutions

For intricate architectural designs, consider our high beam or open web construction roof systems. These advanced solutions offer adaptability and flexibility, catering to even the most complex designs. Additionally, our Spandrel and Apex panels provide a prefabricated solution for efficient end gable construction, ensuring faster build times and enhanced on-site safety.

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