Design for Manufacture & Assembly: The Deeside Timberframe Advantage


Design for Manufacture & Assembly: The Deeside Timberframe Advantage

In the realm of timber frame construction, the Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA) approach stands out as a pinnacle of innovation and efficiency. At Deeside Timberframe, we’ve harnessed the power of DfMA to offer unparalleled timber frame design and manufacture services. Our unique approach ensures that every project we undertake benefits from precision, efficiency, and sustainability.

Design Excellence

Our design philosophy is rooted in collaboration and innovation. By leveraging the latest CAD and IT technologies, our seasoned Design Team crafts solutions tailored to each project’s unique requirements. Here’s a glimpse into our typical design process:

  • Initial review of architectural and engineering data to identify and address potential challenges.
  • Creation of comprehensive GA drawings for client approval.
  • Comprehensive structural frame calculations.
  • Detailed 3D modelling of the structure, ensuring robust and certified design.
  • Collaborative reviews with installation and client teams, complemented by detailed site installation guides.

Fabric First Approach

Our commitment to quality extends beyond design. We prioritise a “Fabric First” methodology, ensuring the fundamental elements of the building’s structure are optimised for performance and longevity. This approach lays the foundation for sustainable, energy-efficient, and durable constructions. We prioritise:

  • U-Values: Offering solutions to meet diverse U-value requirements, from 0.26 to 0.13.
  • Thermal Performance: Expert advice on thermal bridging to support SAP and SBEM calculations.
  • Air Tightness: Solutions tailored to various airtightness levels, including passivehaus compliance.
  • Structure: Systems designed by certified engineers to meet regulatory and project specifications.
  • Acoustics: Designing for superior acoustic performance in walls and floors.
  • Fire: Leveraging STA tests and certifications to ensure optimal fire safety.

Manufacturing Mastery

Our manufacturing prowess ensures that every timber frame component is crafted to perfection, ready for seamless assembly on site. Utilising state-of-the-art machinery and techniques, we guarantee precision and consistency in every piece we produce.

On-Site Assembly Excellence

The assembly phase is where our design and manufacturing efforts come to life. We don’t just design and manufacture; we take immense pride in assembling the timber frame kit on site. Our in-house team of supervisors oversees the entire assembly process, ensuring that every component aligns with our fabrication drawings. This hands-on approach guarantees client-focused results, timely project completion, and adherence to the highest standards of quality.

Design for Manufacture & Assembly Services

At Deeside Timberframe, our Design for Manufacture & Assembly approach is more than just a process; it’s a commitment to excellence at every stage. From initial design to on-site assembly, we ensure that our clients receive the best in timber frame solutions.

If you’re looking to embark on a project that demands precision, sustainability, and innovation, we invite you to experience the Deeside Timberframe difference. Contact us today to talk about your specific requirements.