Cloverhill Development, Aberdeen

Cloverhill, Aberdeen

Situated in Cloverhill, Aberdeen, a transformative social housing project was made possible through a collaboration between us, Deeside Timberframe, and Bancon Construction Ltd. Tasked with addressing affordable housing needs, we embarked on a phased development delivering a mix of two-storey terraces, semi-detached houses, cottage flats, and three-storey apartment blocks.

As the key partner in this project, we were responsible for providing and erecting the full timber frame kit package for the construction of 536 units in total. Our expertise in the timber frame industry was instrumental in the successful construction of this 100% affordable housing development. Every component was meticulously designed to ensure the highest level of energy efficiency, comfort, and affordability, reflecting the aspirations of the new residents.

Utilising our top-tier timber frame kit, we constructed the external walls and internal partitions, ensuring optimal energy efficiency. The design and specification were tailored to meet the unique requirements of the Cloverhill Development, aligning with both the vision of Bancon Construction Ltd and the needs of the community.

The Cloverhill Development exemplifies our dedication to creating top-quality social housing. It reinforces our capability to collaborate with construction partners like Bancon Construction Ltd, and our commitment to using timber frames for their sustainability benefits.

This project underscores our promise to deliver innovative solutions to meet the urgent need for affordable, high-quality housing in our communities. It stands as a testament to our capacity to deliver on our promises, fostering partnerships that contribute to the development of sustainable and affordable housing for communities. It’s a shining example of our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of social housing development.