Midmills Retirement Village (Inverness) and the Grantown Care Home (Lynemore)

Inverness & Lynemore, Scotland

Innovative Retirement and Care Home Developments by Deeside Timberframe

Deeside Timberframe has significantly contributed to enhancing retirement living and care home facilities in Scotland with two landmark projects: the Midmills Retirement Village in Inverness and the Grantown Care Home in Lynemore.

Midmills Retirement Village, Inverness

The Midmills project involved supplying and erecting a timber frame for a four-story apartment block, housing 53 purpose-built 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Collaborating with McCarthy & Stone, Deeside Timberframe focused on creating a safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing living space for the elderly. The project demanded precision and attention to detail, reflecting the company’s capability in managing large-scale residential projects with a focus on sustainable and accessible design.

Grantown Care Home, Lynemore

In Lynemore, Deeside Timberframe undertook the comprehensive task of designing, supplying, and erecting the Grantown Care Home, a facility offering 40 en-suite bedrooms. This project required an innovative approach to cater to the specific needs of the elderly residents. The use of timber frame construction was instrumental in creating a robust, safe, and welcoming environment, with an emphasis on quality and comfort in every aspect of the design.

Collaborative Approach and Quality Assurance

Throughout both projects, Deeside Timberframe worked closely with its partners to ensure alignment with the highest standards of quality and functionality. The team’s dedication to excellence was evident in the seamless integration of timber frame structures, optimising both the functional and aesthetic aspects of these living spaces.

Outcome: Setting New Standards in Retirement and Care Living

The successful completion of these projects represents Deeside Timberframe’s ability to deliver high-quality, modern living spaces for the elderly. The Midmills Retirement Village and Grantown Care Home stand as testaments to the company’s expertise in creating environments that not only enhance the quality of life for residents but also contribute positively to their respective communities.