The Lodge at Perth Racecourse, Scotland

Perth, Scotland

Deeside Timberframe showcased its construction prowess at Perth Racecourse, Scotland, with the creation of The Lodge, the country’s first boutique hostel accommodation. This project, completed within an astonishing 18-week timeframe in June 2016, is a standout example of Deeside’s capacity for rapid, high-quality construction.

Efficient and Eco-Friendly Construction

Utilising Deeside Timberframe’s fast-track build system, which includes large wall and floor panels erected via crane, the project was a testament to the company’s innovative approach to construction. The use of fire-treated Scottish Larch cladding, installed by Deeside Timberframe, not only provided an aesthetically pleasing exterior but also ensured adherence to safety standards. The green roof on both the hotel and dining wing, along with Nordan Alu-clad timber windows and screens, underscored the project’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

On-Site Execution and Unique Features

The Lodge encompasses 26 en-suite bedrooms designed to accommodate stable staff during race days and the visiting public year-round. In addition to the lodging, the project included a 40-cover restaurant and a general lounge area. This multifaceted facility was designed and installed by Deeside Timberframe, excluding only the foundations and specific interior fit-outs like the kitchen, bar, and bedroom interiors.

Project Management and Client Collaboration

Deeside Timberframe’s dedicated project management and design teams worked closely with the client from initial engagement in November 2015 through to completion. Their collaborative approach was crucial in bringing the client’s vision to life. Deeside Timberframe’s comprehensive role included the supply and installation of all structural aspects, timber aluminium clad windows, joinery components, and the distinctive external Scottish Larch cladding with protective fire treatment.

Outcome: A Benchmark in Hospitality Construction

The completion of The Lodge within the restricted timeframe and budget set a new benchmark in the hospitality sector. It stands as a unique addition to the racing community, expected to attract trainers and visitors to Perth Racecourse for many years. The project’s success in delivering a high-standard, eco-friendly, and visually appealing facility reflects Deeside Timberframe’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction.