Saltcoats Grange, Gullane (CALA Homes)

Gullane, East Lothian
Deeside Timberframe - Gullane, Saltboats - Cala Homes

Nestled in the picturesque town of Gullane, East Lothian, the Saltcoats Grange development by CALA Homes stands as a testament to architectural uniqueness and regional specificity. This development, comprising a diverse mix of 112 private homes ranging from 3-bedroom terraced and semi-detached homes to expansive 4 & 5 bedroom detached residences, showcases a distinct East Lothian architectural style, setting it apart from typical CALA developments.

The distinctiveness of the Saltcoats Grange development required a bespoke approach, prompting CALA to collaborate closely with Deeside Timberframe’s seasoned design team. This partnership ensured that the unique design requirements, specific to the East Lothian area, were meticulously achieved. Unlike standard CALA homes, the Saltcoats Grange houses embody a regional architectural flair, making them especially desirable for buyers.

Deeside Timberframe’s involvement in the Saltcoats Grange project goes beyond design collaboration. We take pride in supplying the precision-engineered timber frames for these private homes. Our comprehensive service encompasses everything from initial design discussions to the manufacturing of the timber frames. Once manufactured, these frames are delivered to the Gullane site, where CALA’s expert team assembles them, bringing the architectural vision to life.

The Saltcoats Grange development in Gullane is a shining example of Deeside Timberframe’s commitment to delivering bespoke timber frame solutions tailored to unique architectural requirements. Our collaboration with CALA on this project underscores our flexibility, design expertise, and dedication to ensuring our clients’ visions are realised to perfection.



“Deeside Timberframe are a great team to work with! I’m really happy with their process and the product that they supply. They are always quick to react to any queries or anything additional we require off them. They’re very responsive.”

– Joe Gilhooley, Contracts Manager, CALA Homes