Travelodge Hotel Projects: Stirling, Scotland and Rhyl, North Wales

Stirling, Scotland and Rhyl, North Wales
Deeside Timberframe - Commercial Case Study - Travelodge

In the diverse locales of Stirling, Scotland, and Rhyl, North Wales, Deeside Timberframe showcased its expertise in the commercial sector by undertaking the design, supply, and erection of two Travelodge hotels. These projects, encompassing 74-bedroom hotels over three stories each, were carried out using state-of-the-art timber frame construction.

Project Challenges and Innovative Solutions

Given the scale and requirements of a major hotel group like Travelodge, these projects demanded meticulous design, manufacturing, and installation skills. The challenge was to efficiently construct sizable, multi-story buildings within the constraints of urban settings. Deeside Timberframe employed its top-tier timber frame technology, ensuring robustness and sustainability while adhering to the tight timelines and specific design needs of the hotel chain.

Expertise in Design and Manufacture

Deeside Timberframe’s approach involved an integrated design process, aligning closely with the specific aesthetic and functional requirements of Travelodge. The team’s expertise, certified by ISO 9001:2015 and BM Trada Q Mark, along with staff qualified to gold level for the STA’s design, manufacturing, and timber frame erectors programmes, was instrumental in navigating the complexities of these commercial projects.

Outcome and Commitment to Quality

The completion of the Travelodge hotels in both Stirling and Rhyl is a testament to Deeside Timberframe’s commitment to delivering high-quality projects in the commercial sector. The success of these projects underlines the company’s ability to handle large-scale constructions with precision and efficiency, reflecting their dedication to excellence in design, manufacturing, and installation.

Through these projects, Deeside Timberframe has not only reinforced its position as a leading timber frame manufacturer but also demonstrated its capacity to foster enduring partnerships with major clients like Travelodge, contributing significantly to the development of high-standard hotel facilities across the UK.