Travelodge Hotel, Loughborough, England

Loughborough, England
Travelodge Hotel, Loughborough, England

In the bustling Canal Basin area of Loughborough, Deeside Timberframe has once again demonstrated its expertise in the commercial sector through the design, supply, and erection of a multifunctional Travelodge hotel. This project, featuring an 87-bedroom hotel over six stories with additional retail and leisure space on the ground floor, underscores Deeside Timberframe’s capability in handling large-scale, complex projects.

The Loughborough project, situated at a major town centre site with limited access due to its corner location at a busy main road junction and proximity to a canal basin and existing buildings, required a meticulous approach to design and construction. The strategic use of an 80t self-erecting tower crane was crucial, given the restricted site conditions, to ensure precise placement of large structural components including floor cassettes and bathroom pods, all pre-manufactured entirely by us.

Integrated Expertise in Design and Manufacture

Our collaboration with Russells Construction, following a successful partnership in Salford, was pivotal in securing the contract for this challenging build. Early engagement with Russells’ architects and engineers allowed us to integrate our design seamlessly with the overall architectural vision, ensuring that every aspect of the timber frame structure met the stringent demands of the project. Our project management team facilitated continuous communication, addressing any technical queries and ensuring alignment throughout the project phases.

Delivering on Commitment and Quality

The completion of the Travelodge hotel within the stringent six-week deadline, demonstrates our commitment and ability to delivering high-quality projects efficiently, even under tight constraints. We were able to adapt to complex urban environments and deliver robust, sustainable timber frame solutions that conform to disproportionate collapse design requirements and enhance operational efficiency.

Commercial Build Testimonial

“We were delighted to appoint Deeside on this project as we benefited greatly from having them on board when we completed a residential project in Radcliffe Park, Salford. Their approach is innovative and their products are the best on the market.”

  • Mike Pickles, Quantity Surveyor, Russells Construction