Chapelton, Aberdeenshire (with Places For People)

Chapelton, Aberdeenshire

In the scenic surroundings of Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, the Chapelton development emerges as a beacon of modern, sustainable living. This collaboration with Places for People (PfP) showcases Deeside Timberframe’s prowess in delivering timber frame solutions for both private and social housing sectors.

A mixed-use development in Stonehaven, Chapelton is a testament to our long-standing partnership with PfP. Here, we’ve seamlessly integrated offsite manufactured timber frame kits to create a community where quality living is accessible to all, irrespective of housing type.

Our involvement in Chapelton goes beyond mere construction. We’ve infused each home with our precision-engineered timber kits, ensuring that every residence, be it private or social, stands tall with unmatched quality. This project underscores our belief that top-tier craftsmanship and affordability can coexist. We worked with PfP to create bespoke house types, ranging from two to four-bedroom detached, terraced, and apartment properties.

Chapelton’s vision extends beyond residential spaces. The development is set to welcome two new commercial spaces, adding to its already thriving commercial and retail community. From tearooms and beauty salons to the Slate & Grain Brasserie, Chapelton promises a holistic living experience. The community also boasts amenities like allotments, a regular farmers’ market, and a top-rated nursery school.

The success of Chapelton is a collective effort. Alongside PfP, stakeholders like the Duke of Fife, the Scottish Government, and Aberdeenshire Council have come together to realise this dream. The aim? To create a sustainable neighbourhood, complete with 8,000 homes, set amidst green open spaces, fulfilling Scotland’s need for affordable, quality housing.

Chapelton, with its blend of private and social housing, stands as a testament to Deeside Timberframe’s commitment to quality and sustainability. Our collaboration with Places for People in this project underscores our dedication to crafting communities that resonate with modern living ideals while staying rooted in traditional values.



“Deeside Timberframe’s personal touch in service is unparalleled, ensuring every detail aligns with our vision. Their offsite timber frame manufacturing was instrumental in achieving the exceptional outcome of our project.”

– Andy Lawson, Places for People