Radclyffe Park Housing Development, Salford

Salford, England
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In Salford, England, Deeside Timberframe took on a significant role in the Radclyffe Park development, a complex featuring a 50,000 sq ft supermarket, a 359-space car park, a diverse mix of townhouses and apartments, a Travelodge Hotel, and multiple retail units. Partnered with Russells Construction, Deeside was tasked with designing, supplying, and installing timber frame structures crucial for the residential segments of this ambitious project.

Design and Engineering Precision

The project demanded exceptional design and engineering precision due to the need for rapid completion, especially for the supermarket crucial to serving the local community. Having a strong track record in handling demanding projects, we successfully managed to meet the tight schedule without compromising on quality or budget. The residential part included 17 townhouses constructed in terraces of 7 and 10 units each and were 3 storeys high, featuring terraces accessed from the second floor.

Unique Construction Challenges

The location posed unique challenges: situated on a corner plot at a busy junction and adjacent to a canal basin and existing student accommodation, it required meticulous logistical planning. The proximity to significant urban elements necessitated careful coordination during the construction, especially with the installation challenges posed by the site’s limited access. An 80-ton self-erecting tower crane was employed to manoeuvre large floor cassettes and bathroom pods into place, necessitating precise lifting plans crafted by our certified construction team.

Collaborative Success

This project highlighted our ability to collaborate closely with architects and engineers to integrate timber frame solutions seamlessly into complex multi-use developments. Through rigorous planning and robust communication with Russells Construction, Deeside ensured that all aspects of the project, from the timber frame details to site logistics, were meticulously managed to meet the stringent timelines and quality standards expected by all stakeholders involved.

Private Development Testimonial

“Deeside’s approach has proved valuable on this project as it was imperative that timescales were met and all health and safety issues were carefully adhered to due to the nature of the site. The team at Deeside have a very approachable nature coupled with highly-skilled professionals.”

  • Mike Pickles, Project Surveyor, Russell’s Construction