How Timber Frame Meets the Demand for Faster, Greener Homes

How Timber Frame Meets the Demand for Faster, Greener Homes

By Stewart Ferguson, Contracts Director at Deeside Timberframe.

Growing up, timber and joinery were not just parts of my life; they defined it. Assisting my father in his business from a young age, I was immersed in the world of timber frame construction, an experience that laid the foundation for my career. Today, as the Contracts Director at Deeside Timberframe, I am at the forefront of witnessing timber frame’s transformative impact on the UK’s building landscape. In Scotland, where timber frame construction is chosen for over 90% of all new build houses, its efficiency, sustainability, and innovation are clear. Yet, venturing into England, where timber frame makes up only about 15% of new builds, we’re not just talking about construction but also about significant cultural and educational shifts.

The adoption of timber frame in England presents unique challenges, notably the availability of skilled and experienced labour for erection. Yet, it’s precisely these challenges that underline the importance of Deeside Timberframe’s strategic investment in technology, training, and partnerships, particularly our collaboration with MiTek for the Posi-Joist system. This partnership isn’t just about providing superior products; it’s about empowering our clients through the transition from brick and mortar to timber frame, ensuring they have the guidance and support needed to embrace this Modern Method of Construction.

Our commitment to innovation is vividly illustrated in our adoption of Procore, a leading project management system. This platform enhances our ability to seamlessly integrate with the latest Part L Regulations, which call for heightened accountability and quality control in projects. We take pride in leading this charge, bolstered by our significant investment in technology like Procore that empowers our contractors to meticulously document our construction process with photographic evidence at every stage.

Training and development stand at the core of addressing the labour challenge. By working closely with a select group of trusted erect teams in England and investing heavily in training through STA, CITB, Trada and NHBC,  we’re not just building homes; we’re building expertise and setting industry standards. Our in-house supervisory team, with decades of experience, embodies our commitment to consistency, quality control, and safety, ensuring that Deeside Timberframe’s mark of excellence is evident in every project across the UK.

The benefits of timber frame construction, particularly in the realms of health, safety, and speed of erection, are unparalleled. Offsite manufacturing not only ensures a safer construction environment but also significantly reduces build times, a critical factor in addressing the UK’s affordable housing crisis. The ability of timber frame kits to be erected quickly and sometimes in a matter of days revolutionizes project planning for contractors, offering substantial cost and time savings.

But beyond the practicalities of construction, it’s the passion and collaboration within Deeside Timberframe that fuels our success. The synergy across our teams, from design through to manufacturing and erection, showcases a shared commitment not just to building houses and commercial buildings but to creating homes and expanding businesses.

Timber frame construction is more than a building method; it’s a holistic approach that encapsulates design, manufacture, and erection, driving the entire process from conception to completion. It’s this comprehensive perspective, combined with our dedication to innovation, training, and quality, that positions timber frame as the solution not just for today’s housing needs but for building a sustainable future.

For developers and occupants across the UK, timber frame construction offers a path to building quickly, efficiently, and safely, aligning with the government’s ambitious goals for affordable housing and sustainable construction. While we’ve seen remarkable success and adoption in Scotland, serving as a benchmark for timber frame’s potential, our focus now includes enhancing our support and expanding our reach into England and Wales. We remain dedicated to providing ongoing support and development in Scotland, leveraging our experiences there to inform our growth strategy and to ensure that all regions across the UK benefit from the efficiency, sustainability, and innovation that timber frame offers. As we continue to navigate the evolving landscape, Deeside Timberframe stands ready, committed to guiding and facilitating the shift towards timber frame construction, every step of the way.

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