Why the English Construction Market Is Moving Towards Timber Frame

Why the English Construction Market Is Moving Towards Timber Frame 2

We’ve witnessed firsthand the significant upward trajectory of timber frame construction in England. Our insights show that the market for timber frame homes is expected to see a substantial growth, with a projected increase of more than £150 million by 2026. This surge is not just a trend but a response to the evolving demands and regulations of the construction industry.

The shift towards timber frame construction is driven primarily by its inherent advantages in terms of speed, cost, and environmental impact. Timber frame buildings can be erected much faster than traditional methods. This efficiency not only shortens construction timelines but also offers considerable cost savings—a critical factor as the industry seeks more budget-friendly solutions without compromising on quality.

Moreover, the recent updates in the UK Government’s Construction Roadmap and the Part L Compliance Regulations have catalysed this growth. These regulations demand that new homes and buildings meet specific U-Values and eco standards to enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprints. Timber frame construction aligns seamlessly with these requirements, offering a more straightforward, cost-effective route to compliance compared to traditional brick and block methods.

At Deeside Timberframe, our role extends beyond suppliers; we are becoming trusted advisors across various sectors. We guide timber frame projects from conception to completion, assisting project managers in navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance and capitalising on the cost-saving benefits of timber frame construction.

The English market, traditionally slower to adopt this method compared to Scotland—where over 90% of new builds use timber frame—is now recognising its potential. With our extensive experience and commitment to sustainability and innovation, Deeside Timberframe is ideally positioned to support this transition. We are dedicated to helping the UK construction industry meet its ambitious targets for sustainable development and high-performance building.

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